Generally, speaking, the mountain hut lodgings on Mt. Fuji are fairly simple, offering, dormitory style bunk beds with blankets and sleeping bags. Do not expect hotel type conditions with separate rooms.

Depending on the date you may have to sleep shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other climbers, especially if you are climbing on the weekends or during the Obon holiday week (second week of August). The sleeping arrangement are comparable for most of the mountain huts on Mt. Fuji, however the menu and service can greatly varies from hut to hut as each hut is individually owned and operated and sets their own rules, menus and prices.

Each mountain hut offers a unique cultural experience that comes with its own set of indirect customs, which newcomers can stomp all over unintentionally if they're not careful. For the most part the staffs on the mountain huts do not speak English and reservations need to be done in Japanese. Mountain hut reservations are taken care of if you join a 2-day group or 2-day private tour and we operate during the weekdays and avoid the peak holiday weekends and popular trails to evade the crowds.