Pick-up Location:
All Mt. Fuji Climb tours depart from Shinjuku for easy access:
Depending on the Tour Size (Large or Small) there are two pick-up points:
Pick-up Times:
Depending on the date pick up times may vary slighly to adjust for traffic:
  • Shinjuku Washington Hotel (7:00am~8:00am)
  • Shinjuku Keio Plaza Hotel (7:00am)

For our small group climbs, you may leave some items on the bus while climbing. However for the most part once we have left Shinjuku station there will not be any place to store your extra baggage. Options for luggage storage include, coin lockers at Shinjuku or Gotenba station, hotel baggage storage services or sending by 'takkyubin' (postal service) to your next destination. The postal service in Japan is extremely cheap and efficient--it will cost about ¥2,000 per bag to next day shipping to most places in Japan, which is a small price to pay for not having to lug your bags around.

For our small group climbs, we offer the option of starting and/or ending your tour from Gotenba Station, which is at the base of Mt. Fuji. If you're planning to go to Kyoto or Osaka after or before your Mt. Fuji climb or if you're looking to stay a night in Hakone, it would make much more sense for you to select this drop off or pick-up option rather than go all the way back to Tokyo and then come back out. Depending on your climb, the pick up and drop off time will vary.

In the event of a tour being cancelled, a full refund is provided. Tour cancellations are determined before departure from Tokyo for Mt. Fuji. The tour will not be cancelled due to rain, once a tour has departed Tokyo there will be no refunds, regardless of whether the summit is reached. For our full terms and conditions see the following link: Terms and Conditions:

Sleeping Bags are provided by the mountain hut. Sleeping bags are lined up on top of futon mats, with an extra blanket available for when you get cold. Small pillows are also provided, but most westerners find them hard and uncomfortable. Fill your stuff sack with some extra clothes and you've got yourself a makeshift pillow.