Off-Season Climbs

Slight Off-Season Climbs: (June, September and October)
Climbing in the months just before and just after the climbing season I.e. (June, September and October) is actually preferred by some hikers who like to avoid the crowds. The weather varies depending on the month, but for the most part the weather is not so different from the weather during the climbing season. There are some mountain huts that remain open, however all other toilets and safety facilities are shut. (As all signposts are removed in the off-season recommend climbing with a mountain guide)

Deep off-Season Climbs: (April, May and November)
During these months, the weather can be very unforgiving; and as there are no mountain huts open during this time your only option is a 1-day climb. If you climb in April or May you will defiantly need crampons. (Of these months, May is your best weather choice for doing a 1-day climb) As the mountain is typically covered in snow climbing with a mountain guide is a must and you should never climb alone.)

Winter off-Season Climbs: (December, January, February, March)
Due to the extreme climate, (horrendous winds, subzero temperatures) this is the most dangerous time to climb Mt. Fuji and accordingly produces the most fatalities of all the seasons. The icy slopes, horrendous winds and subzero temperatures enhances the climb dangers by ten folds. I would unequivocally avoid climbing Mt. Fuji during the winter months.

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