The Mt. Fuji Official Climbing Season:

The Official Mt. Fuji Climbing Season:

The offical general Mt. Fuji climbing season for each route are as below:
*The opening and closing dates vary from trail to trail.
*The opening dates of the trails are announced, on the first day of July or later depending on their condition.
Yoshida Route is generally open from July 1st to September 14th:
Fujinomiya Route is generally open from July 10th to September 10th:
Subashiri Route is generally open from July 10th to September 10th:
Gotenba Route is generally open July 10th to September 10th:

Changes in climate have extended the official climbing season from previous seasons.
After the dates above all public toilets and safety facilities close.
Some mountain huts remain open after the official climbing season is finished.
The dates the mountain huts remain open vary from year to year and depend on the hut. 
The shops and restaurants at the Fuji-Subaru Line 5th station (The Largest 5th station on Mt. Fuji) remain open as long as access via the Subaru line toll road remains open. Sometimes road access is closed in the winter due to snow conditions.

Mt. Fuji Climb Rush

Climbing Mount Fuji is very widespread not only among Japanese but also foreign tourists. In fact, last year more foreign tourist climbed Mt. Fuji than Japanese. The peak season for climbing Mount Fuji is during the school vacations, which lasts from around July 20th to the end of August. The peak of the peak is reached during the Obon Week in mid August, when climbers literally have to stand in queues at some routes.

You may want to avoid the Obon Week and avoid using the popular Yoshida Trail during the peak climb periods. Likewise in order to evade the large crowds, we recommend climbing Mount Fuji on a weekday and hiking one of the less popular routes in the first half of July or first half of September.