You can rest assured your Mt. Fuji guides will be highly qualified local guides with years of guiding experience. All our guides are fluent in both English and Japanese to translate any concerns you may have.


Richard - Head Guide

Interview 2In 2008, Richard our head guide (seen left) started working as a professional Mt. Fuji Guide. A highlight occurred when he appeared in a television segment called, Japan's 100 Most Famous Mountains as a professional Mt. Fuji Guide on Japan's national Broadcasting Channel (NHK). Richard has witnessed his fair share of mishaps on Mt. Fuji. Many that could have been prevented with a little pre-climb planning. So in 2013, Richard published "Climbing Mt. Fuji "A Complete Guidebook" This guidebook is dedicated to help future Mt. Fuji Climbers in planning and preparing a successful Mt. Fuji climb and provide climbers with useful and possibly lifesaving information. The guidebook provides that trustworthy reference, because it was written by an offical Mt. Fuji Guide who has years of climbing experince and every imaginable type of Mt. Fuji climb under his belt.


Yosuke - Bilingual Guide

YosukeYosuke graduated from the University of Alaska Southeast Outdoor Skills and Leadership program and work several years as an Alaska guide before returning home to Japan. Yosuke was born and raised in Fujinomiya city, so Mt. Fuji is his backyard. He is a local guide that knows Mt. Fuji like the back of his hand.


Aki - Bilingual Guide

AkiAki has been guiding Mt. Fuji climbs since 2008, he has climb Mt. Fuji over 400 times, and has trek all four-summit routes; and complete countless one-day, night and numerous pilgrim climbs from the base of Mt. Fuji. For the past 4 winters Aki has worked in northern Canada (Yellow Knife) as an aurora borealis (Northern Lights) Guide.

Taishi - Bilingual Guide


Taishi is fluent in both English and Japanese and Graduated from University of Central Oklahoma in 2008. Taishi is a proficient climber and has over 200 Mt. Fuji climbs under his belt. He also worked 3 summers at a mountain hut on the Fujinomiya route before becoming a Mt. Fuji for guide, so he is well appreciated within the Mt. Fuji community. He is also a freelance photographer when he is not climbing Mt. Fuji.

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“The greatest fear on taking on any endeavor is the unknown. Having the knowledge of a professional guide from My Tokyo Guide made all the different in the world!” - Sheila Soukup - Mt. Fuji Climbing Client

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