Mt. Fuji Climbing Guidebook

More and more people are now interested in climbing Mt. Fuji. These and others, who contemplate climbing Mt. Fuji, search for practical information to plan their climb. This guidebook provides that trustworthy reference to give climbers the best opportunity to succeed.

As a professional Mt. Fuji guide, it is my privilege to share my experience and knowledge of climbing techniques (along with my professional advice) that I commonly reserve for clients with those who have set their hearts on climbing this majestic mountain.

This guidebook includes helpful trail maps, pictures, climbing route information, equipment list, list of mountain huts, emergency contact numbers, safety and hazard information, off-season climbing information, a pre-climb training schedule and a glossary of Japanese words commonly used on Mt. Fuji.

Climbing Mt. Fuji “A Complete Guidebook” information:

SS-CoverTitle: Climbing Mt. Fuji “A Complete Guidebook” (4th Edition)
Author: Richard Reay
ISBN: 978-0-9921623-06
Price: US $19.95 
Publication Date: Dec 2017
Publisher: Bouken International Publishing
Language: English
Genre: Travel-Hiking
Audience: Anyone interested in Climbing Mt. Fuji
Page Count: 154
Illustrations: 21
Trim Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Binding: Perfect Bound, Laminated