Mt. Fuji Onsens

After climbing Mt. Fuji there is no better way to reward yourself than relaxing in a natural hot spring. The volcanic area around Mt. Fuji is home to hundreds and some of the best natural hot springs or "onsens" as they are referred to in Japan.

Appreciating a Japanese onsen is in itself a cultural experience, however this is even more so after climbing Mt. Fuji when you need it the most. Relaxing your sore muscles in the healthful volcanic mineral water leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed. For local Japanese climbers enjoying an Onsen after each climb is a necessity routine and as important as the climb itself.

Every local Mt. Fuji climbing group includes a stop at an onsen after each climb. For many first time visitors to Japan, entering an onsen is a somewhat unfamiliar experience that involves bathing nude with others in hot mineral water. Unwilling to try this new experience some visitors decide to skip the onsen altogether, which is a real shame as the alternative after a Mt. Fuji climbing tour, it not to take a onsen and spend the next several hours on a bus sitting next to others, dirty, smelling and sore. If you get a chance highly recommend trying an onsen experience after climbing Mt. Fuji.

Please see list below of the preferred Mt. Fuji hot springs we regular visit during climbing season. Which onsen we visit largely depends on the descending climbing route we use. Relaxing at a Mt. Fuji onsen after a climb is included with all our group Mt. Fuji climbing tours.

Hana no Yu Onsen (Fujinomiya)
Otainai Onsen (Gotenba)
Tenkei Onsen (Subashiri)
Fuji Yurari Onsen (Yoshida)